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§ 1. General provisions

1. The Office of Certified and Technical Translators and Interpreters with its registered office in Poznań  (hereinafter referred to as: the Office) provides translation and interpreting services on the terms and conditions set out below for remuneration as specified in the Price List.  

2. The Agency guarantees punctuality, reliability and the highest quality of the services provided.


§ 2. Commissioning, accepting and cancelling orders

1. Having received an inquiry, the Office prepares a free quote of the Customer`s documents and agrees with the Customer on the terms and conditions as well as the delivery date of the order.

2. Having received a written confirmation of the order sent by traditional mail, fax, e-mail or delivered by the Customer in person, the Office proceeds with translation (does not apply to regular customers). Along with the order, the Customer provides all the necessary information and instructions concerning the translation.

3. The Office may refuse to accept the order for reasonable causes.

4. The Customer may cancel the order at any time. However, the Customer is obliged to pay for the part of translation completed before cancelling (applies to written translation) or for two hours of interpreting, if the order is cancelled less than 24 hours before scheduled start. Cancelling of the order should be provided in writing.

5. Ordering a translation service is tantamount to the Customer accepting these Terms and Conditions.


§ 3. Written translations

1. The quote of a written translation is prepared on the basis of the latest Price List.

2. The basic unit of a translated text is 1 translation page containing :

      - 1600 characters with spaces for standard translations

      - 1125 characters with spaces for certified translations.

3. A number of characters is calculated on the basis of the source document. In the case of placing a translation order containing a document in a non-editable form the Office reserves the right to calculate the number of characters, at our own option, on the basis of the source document recognised with the use of OCR software or a number of characters in the prepared translation.

4. In the case of standard translation the number of pages is rounded up to 0.5 page. In the case of certified translations each commenced page is treated as a full page. 

5. The Office reserves the right to charge additional payments on account of poor linguistic quality or poor legibility of the text (e.g. handwritten text, hardly legible copy), text stylistics or complex editing, etc. The Office informs the Customer about any additional payments before accepting their order.

6. The price of written translation includes basic editing, 1 printed copy and/or 1 CD (or other data carrier) on which the translation is saved.

7. Unless the Customer defines the exact time of delivering the translation, it is assumed that the translation shall be delivered not later than 5 p.m. of the delivery date.

8. If the translated text is to be published, it is assumed that the Customer shall edit and correct it on their own. The Office may provide the aforementioned service against additional remuneration.

9. As far as large-volume orders are concerned, the Office reserves the right to charge an advance payment before translating the text.


§ 4. Interpreting

1. The quote of interpreting is prepared on the basis of the latest Price List.

2. The interpreter’s working time shall be calculated from the beginning to the end of interpreting. Breaks of less than 2 hours during interpreting shall be calculated as the interpreter’s working hours. Breaks of more than 2 hours should be specified in the order.

3. Each started hour counts as the interpreter`s full working hour.

4. The minimum remuneration for interpreting equals the rate for 2 hours of interpreting a day. As far as interpreting during holidays and at nighttime (10 p.m. till 6 a.m.) is concerned, a double rate is charged.  

5. If interpreting is to be performed outside the city of Poznań, the Customer bears the costs of the interpreter’s transport, accommodation and food.

6. The Customer is obliged to provide any available materials to enable the interpreter to prepare for interpreting.


§ 5. Copyright

1. The Customer acquires proprietary copyrights to the translation once the full amount of the invoice issued by the Office for their services is paid.

2. The Customer shall obtain the Office‘s approval should they want to publish or further resell the texts translated by the Agency (in accordance with the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act of 4 February 1994, published in the Journal of Laws No. 24, item 83, as well as defining the Office’s shares resulting from the copyright.

3. The clause in the previous paragraph does not apply to academic dissertations or articles to which the Office shall not claim any copyrights.


§ 6. Confidentiality

1. Any documents and/or supplementary materials entrusted to the Office by the Customer shall be treated as confidential and secured in a proper way.

2. Upon the Customer’s request the Office may undertake not to store the entrusted materials and to remove them from all data carriers immediately after the order is performed.


§ 7. Liability

1. The Office shall only be liable for order execution up to the net price of the service.

2. The Office shall not be liable for factual errors in the translation, if these result from errors in the source text.

3. The Office shall not be liable for delays and failures caused by circumstances beyond its control including, but not limited to force majeure events, DSL malfunctioning, blackouts, etc.


§ 8. Payment terms

1. Payment for translation is made on the basis of an invoice issued by the Office.

2. Payment mode: wire transfer to the bank account indicated in the invoice or other mode of payment agreed with the Customer.

3. Due date: ten calendar days from the invoice date. Longer payment periods must be agreed on individually between the parties.

4. The translated document remains the property of the Office until the Customer has made the full payment.


§ 9. Complaints

1. The Customer has the right to raise a complaint within seven calendar days from order performance. The complaint should be filed in writing and be properly justified.

2. If the complaint is acknowledged, the Office executes proofreading at their own expense or – if agreed with the Customer – offers a due discount depending on the scale of errors made.

3. Complaints concerning urgent translations (more than 8 translation pages a day) shall not be acknowledged.

4. Any use of the translation by the Customer before paying for the service shall be considered as acceptance of the translation without objections.


§ 10. Concluding provisions

1. The Office reserves its right to introduce changes to these Terms and Conditions, as well as to the Price List. Valid Terms and Conditions, as well as the Price List, are published on the Office’s website: www.ktpt.pl.

2. Ordering the service by the Customer shall be construed as full acceptance of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.

3. The Office may conclude a separate agreement with regular customers on preferential terms. Should there be any discrepancies between these Terms and Conditions and the said separate agreement, the provisions of the said agreement shall prevail.

4. Issues not governed by these Terms and Conditions or a separate cooperation agreement shall be governed by the Civil Code provisions.


Last updated on:  11 March 2014