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Office of Certified and Technical Translators and Interpreters with its registered seat in PoznaƄ offers services of experienced specialists in the field of translation and interpreting, registered on the list of certified translators and interpreters kept by the Minister of Justice, as well as those licensed by the Polish Federation of Engineering Associations - NOT.

The Office renders services for the justice department, other governmental agencies and state authorities, scientific-technical associations, companies and individuals in the following fields:

Technical translation:

  • operation and maintenance documentation
  • exploitation manuals
  • product cards
  • catalogues
  • leaflets, folders, other advertising materials

Business-legal translation:

  • resolutions, ordinances, other acts of law
  • financial statements
  • agreements
  • business correspondence
  • registration documents
  • other law-related texts

Certified ("sworn") translation:

  • administrative documents (diplomas, certificates, etc.)
  • procedural writs (motions, statements of claim, appeals, judgements, etc.)
  • last wills, powers of attorney
  • civil-legal agreements, etc.
  • unsigned texts

Interpreting (consecutive, simultaneous)

Execution of certified copies of documents in foreign languages